About Find Your Fav

Find Your Fav is nothing short of a passion-fueled, labor of love.  I created the site in 2007 after spending many hours figuring out how I could be a part of something that I found incredibly magical and fulfilling - the music world.  I was lucky and I met many kind musicians and actors early on in my journey who graciously agreed to be interviewed by an unknown but passionate writer in Seattle.  I was also lucky enough to have a lot of people say "no" to me, because every no I received made the yes's that much more valuable and inspiring.  

Every artist/talent/human featured on this site was kind enough to spend time with me and share a piece of themselves with me (and in turn, with you).  I consider myself unbelievably lucky to have the privilege of sharing great music and the inspiring, gifted people behind it with you.  

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope that you find something here that means a lot you, like it does to me.  

- Kristina Valencia
March 1, 2018.

 Kristina with Marc Scibilia.  October 2016.  Photo by Benjamin Trudeau.  

Kristina with Marc Scibilia.  October 2016.  Photo by Benjamin Trudeau.