18 days left: You can be a part of The W Lovers debut album release!

The W Lovers is the best new duo to step into the Seattle music scene.  Fleur and Wesley Wood write beautiful Americana inspired songs that you can get lost in.  Telling stories through music is what great and impactful songwriting is all about - and these two have it down.

Formerly two separate acts, Fleur and Wesley came together after meeting during Fleur's first tour in the United States.  Now, as a duo, The W Lovers are ready to share their music with the world and they need your help to make it happen!  Their current campaign just hit 29% of their goal with 18 days to go.

In support of the campaign and their love for playing music, the two are playing 10 shows this month.  Their perk gifts are awesome - you can get song downloads, CDs, t-shirts and so much more by supporting them.  You can support them in other ways aside from financially by sharing their links on your social media pages as well!

I can't wait to hear their debut album, so let's help them get there!  Please enjoy my Q&A with Fleur and Wesley Wood and scroll to the bottom for links and tour dates!  Enjoy!

How did you guys come together to play music?

Fleur: I met Wesley when I was touring the States (from New Zealand) for the first time in 2011. I had played five shows in Canada and needed to buy an amplifier for my U.S. dates and he was my salesman. He chased me around on that tour and afterwards, I moved over here so we could be together. We played together on my last solo CD, ‘Tales from the Dodge,’ which we recorded at London Bridge Studios in 2012 but we didn’t form The W Lovers until the beginning of 2014. Wesley played a few shows with me singing back ups and playing mandolin but pretty quick we started adding his songs and co-writing together, so we rebranded as a band.

Wesley: I sang and played on Fleur’s album "Tales From the Dodge" in 2012 and we started jamming with some friends in 2013. From there we decided it was a good idea to work together on our songs and formed The W Lovers in January of 2014.

What’s your musical background?

Fleur: After highschool, I spent a year busking and then joined a dirty filthy rock and roll band called The Twitch. We played together for 10 years, recorded a couple of albums and did more tours than I can count. I can barely recognise myself when I watch our old videos. I’ve mellowed out a whole lot. I started a project band called Pavlova and The Jandals in 2010 and we released a CD and did a tour and then I started my first solo CD. I was promoting that when I came out to the US to tour that first time. I recorded my second CD over here and stuck around after that.

Wesley: My first inspiration for music was my grandma Annabelle who played mandolin and fiddle and dulcimer.  I started out in several rock and indie bands as a teen but always aspired to play more than just the guitar. It wasn’t until I started jamming with Fleur, that I picked up mandolin and from there, the banjo and steel guitar too.  I haven’t quite got to the fiddle yet but there’s plenty of time for that, haha.

Growing up my family has always nurtured the love of music and the flavor will probably keep changing, but the passion won’t!

How would you describe your sound?

Fleur: This is the hardest question for me.

The short answer is; We are Alt Country, Americana.

The Long Answer is; I am constantly re-evaluating this one. I think some songs sound country but we’re not classic country, we are storytellers. Some songs are pop but not Katy Perry Pop, it’s more that we have singable choruses and catchy melodies. We are sometimes folky, but sometimes we have a rockier edge. Without an album to define us, we are left to our own devices and reviews help. #sheslostitfolks

Wesley: I've had someone say we sounded like a combination of the Grateful Dead, Beatles and Sheryl Crow, with a hint of "bluegrass flavoring."

We have a diverse catalog of original songs that are not recorded yet. Sometimes what we sound like depends on what instruments I decide to use that particular day.

We write songs and they all sound different so in my opinion, a clear genre label wouldn't really be accurate.

What do you hope that people get from your music?

Fleur: My songs are a lot about love and I truly hope that somebody can relate their situation to mine and feel the emotion at the right moment in their lives. I like to watch girly movies just so I can cry. It’s not because of the actual movie, it’s because of the song at the right moment. I want to have that effect on people, to move them emotionally. I want lovers to say ‘That’s our song.’

Wesley: There is a wealth of wonderful things that I see unfolding all the time when our audiences are listening.

What I hope most that people feel is a connection with the music.

As musicians, we live for the moment a listener feels or understands the exact thing we are singing about. That moment soothes and heals sometimes like nothing else can.

If our lyrics, songs or upcoming recorded album can bring joy to anyone in any way, I would feel deeply accomplished.

What’s the coolest part about being a part of the Seattle music scene?

Fleur: Being a transplant. Being a small fish in a big pond. Being a shiny outsider walking with the locals. Being busy. Having paid gigs. Being able to make a living off my music. Making friends with the other musicians in the scene. Being able to play amazing shows like Seafair and Seatac Airport. Being accepted and welcomed by the local (Very Friendly) scene here.

Wesley: The best part of being in the Seattle music scene is the kindness and generosity of our fellow musicians and fans.  The scene here is full of family that always willing to go out of their way no matter what stage you are in your music career.

Since 2014 I started playing new instruments for The W Lovers: Banjo, Mandolin, Lap steel, dobro, and harmonica; and hope to add Appalachian dulcimer and fiddle shortly.

I'm not ashamed to admit that to me it was terrifying to play unfamiliar instruments in front of an audience for the first time, but the support and encouragement I received from Seattle scene was quick to alleviate that.

Thank you!

For more information on The W Lovers, please visit their official website and connect with them on Facebook!

Upcoming our dates:

Jul 13, 2015 8:00 PM - Seattle, WA (US) @ Rendezvous / Jewel Box Theater - The W Lovers, Connecting Stars (South Africa) and Tobias the Owl

Jul 16, 2015 9:00 PM - Seattle, WA (US) @ The Central Saloon - The W Lovers and The Downhill Strugglers (from NYC) at The Central Saloon

Jul 18, 2015 11:30 AM - Portland, OR (US) @ Portland Saturday Market - The W Lovers at The Portland Saturday Market

Jul 24, 2015 7:30 PM - Snoqualmie, WA (US) @ Black Dog - The W Lovers - Live at The Black Dog

Jul 25, 2015 5:00 PM - Enumclaw, WA (US) @ Kelly's Mercantile - The W Lovers - Live at Kelly's Mercantile

Jul 30, 2015 7:00 PM - Maple Valley, WA (US) @ Da Vine Wine Bar - The W Lovers - Live at Da Vine Wine Bar

Jul 31, 2015 6:00 PM - Snoqualmie, WA (US) @ Sigillo Cellar's - The W Lovers - Live at Sigillo Cellar's

Aug 5, 2015 8:00 PM - Seattle, WA (US) @ Substation Seatte - (TBASA SHOW) The W Lovers at Substation

Aug 7, 2015 6:00 PM - Seattle, WA (US) @ Belltown Beats - Belltown Beats - The W Lovers

Aug 15, 2015 11:30 AM - Portland, OR (US) @ Portland Saturday Market - The W Lovers at The Portland Saturday Market

Aug 15, 2015 8:00 PM - Portland, OR (US) @ Ranger station - The W Lovers and Wooden Sleepers at The Ranger Station Portland

Aug 28, 2015 7:30 PM - Leavenworth, WA (US) @ Der Hinterhoff - The W Lovers at Die Hinterhoff

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