Snail Mail Live at the Neptune

If you follow today’s indie music scene, you know the name. 2018 saw Snail Mail’s rise to indie rock stardom, with 19-year-old singer and songwriter Lindsey Jordan drawing audiences worldwide with her songs that are at once angsty and elegant, driven by catchy guitar riffs and lyrics that recount high school house parties, self-revelation and lost love.

On Monday night she played at the Neptune Theatre. It was her second time playing in Seattle—“first time headlining,” she added in between songs, drawing cheers from the crowd. If Jordan writes with wisdom beyond her years, she certainly looks like a teenager, appearing a little uncertain when she encounters technical difficulties onstage. But her skill as a musician is unmistakable, and she delivered the performance with trademark candor and sensitivity, ending on two solo songs that fell on a captivated audience and a quiet room.

Photos by Claire Conway