Photos: Shoffy + Interview

Wednesday night, musical artist Shoffy, performed at Neumos. With a stunner performance curated by live instrumentation, Shoffy showcased his new outstanding album called Lenses with a couple of previous songs and popular covers. Listen to his new album Here. Enjoy these photos by Antoine Fougere and words by Mohamed Abdullahi

You have the ability to be Versatile in your music with many unique melodies, beats, and sounds in general. Which genre would you classify yourself under?

Shoffy: I’d say vocal melody wise it’s pretty much pop for the most part. But production varies from pop, r&b, electronic, blues guitar, hip hop, downtempo, dance 

Lenses is an outstanding album, how long did the whole process take and what’s the most important song to you?

Shoffy: Thanks man!! Took about a year. I think Cool Again was a big song for me. It was great collabing with Sam Farrar and Jake Torrey on that one. It’s def getting out there the most from the album - people have really been reacting to it and it’s cool seeing people sing along on tour.  

You produce majority of the instruments in your songs, do you feel more comfortable working alone?

Shoffy: Working alone is nice because I’m self sufficient and don’t have to rely on anyone to finish a song. I can get stuff done on my own timeline. That being said, collabing is super cool too and can come up with stuff I otherwise wouldn’t on my own. 

What have you found inspiring recently?

Shoffy: All the new cities we are visiting, restaurants, landscapes, and just general vibes of the places we’ve been on tour has been inspiring. It’s been a real adventure. 

Are you currently working on new music during your tour?

Shoffy: Probably won’t start working on new music until April. Going to give my voice a rest after the tour

How is this tour compared to your last tour?

Shoffy: This tour is about 3x as long. Larger venues, and we’ve been bringing along a lighting rig. So it’s more of a production. Also it was my first time playing in Canada. It’s been a lot more demanding and rigorous than my last tour, but it’s also been a lot of fun and been great meeting my fans and playing live 

What would you be doing if you weren’t a musician?

Shoffy: I was working in private equity before I transitioned to music so probably I’d still be working in that field.  

Biggest musical influences?

Shoffy: Frank Ocean, John Mayer, Diplo, James Blake 

Some things you like to do for fun on your free time. 

Shoffy: Play golf! I love being outdoors and have been playing since I was little. Played in tournaments for about 10 years

What is your dream collab?

Shoffy: With Rosalia, a singer combining flamenco music with a modern flare

Antoine Fougere